Specifically engineered to fit and attach magnetically to all metal roll-up tapes

Simple to use – presents a dynamic visual result for all to see

Simple, ingenious, effective

Introducing Bocce Judge, the simple, ingenious and effective way to get accurate measurements when playing bocce ball.

Simply place Bocce Judge on top of your metal measuring tape. Its powerful magnet holds it firmly in place. Make your first measurement, then slide Bocce Judge to the appropriate number. Make subsequent measurements based on the Bocce Judge setting.

Simple, ingenious and effective. Bocce Judge is the best way to measure and score your next bocce ball match.

Measuring just one inch square and a half-inch in height, Bocce Judge is easy to carry in any pocket.

Proudly made in the United States of America and protected by US patent no. 9,829,299, Bocce Judge is the must-have accessory for every bocce ball player worldwide. Order today!

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